I teach workshops for the Point Reyes National Seashore Association several times a year. The Association’s new Field Seminars Director asked if I could create some illustrations of several Association landmarks in the Park. I was happy to oblige. We settled on an ink wash technique that I teach as part of the drawing workshops. First I create a line drawing with waterproof black ink pens on watercolor paper. I then use water soluble ink in washes similar to watercolor technique to “paint” in the values. The ink is so fine that feathery soft gradations are possible.

US Coast Guard Lifeboat Station, Ink and ink wash.

The Red Barn, Bear Valley. Pen and ink and ink wash.

The Clem Miller Environmental Education Center, Pt. Reyes National Seashore. Pen and ink and ink wash.

Tomales Bay from Inverness. Pen and ink wash.

One Response to “New Illustrations for PRNSA”

  1. Mr. Freed,
    My partner and I are very intrigued with your work and actually really wanted to ask you about commissioning a painting from you for our living room.


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