A lingcod is one of the denizens of Cordell Bank. Watercolor on paper.

I’ve been busy these past two weeks working on over 20 spot illustrations for The Oakland Museum of California. The museum will soon be opening a new group of beautifully crafted natural history diorama exhibits. One exhibit depicts the rocky crag of a sea mount top at Cordell Banks, 120 feet below the ocean’s surface. These illustrations will be used on a set of “field guide” cards so that visitors can identify the animals and plants in the scene.

Red rock kelp. Pencil and watercolor on paper.

Ringed topsnail. Pencil and watercolor on paper.


Painted greenling. Pencil and watercolor on paper.

Rosy rockfish. Pencil and watercolor.


Sharpnosed Decorator Crab. Watercolor on paper.

Lingcod. Pencil and watercolor on paper.

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