Welcome to my brand new website and blog.

I am an artist, designer and teacher with many and varied interests. This blog will provide a venue to share my work and thoughts about art, design, the natural world, sustainability, and education. For me these subjects are all wrapped up with each other.

In the fall of 2010, I began a masters degree program in education at Sonoma State University. I’m now a little over half way done, and will begin writing my thesis this summer. It’s been an amazing adventure to be back in school while working full time and teaching part time. I’m interested in how art and design can help shape the discussion and pursuit of sustainability, and especially how young people can activate and drive this discussion. The nexus of design, sustainability and education is an important one. It’s an exciting and important time to be an artist. Solving critical issues facing the world today will take many people thinking and working creatively on the problems. Young people need to have good background information on the subject to be able to set their powerful minds to the task. I want to help with this.

I also love to paint and draw, and discuss art and art making. I hope to share some of this here. Please feel free to contact me via the contact page if anything you see or read here in the coming months resonates with or inspires you to do so. I’d like for discussions to develop around these topics, and to meet new people who have insights and perspectives different or similar to my own.


James Freed- May 2012

2 Responses to “The Nexus of Design, Sustainability, and Education”

  1. Fascinating work. I’m comforted that you will be mentoring young folks on thinking through the critical issues of how art and design influence and shape the future of sustainability.
    Brava! Very important work.


  2. I look forward to following your process and seeing the impact of your many rare and combined talents and perspectives, integrated with a younger generation to create meaningful change!


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