The Lindsay Wildlife Museum is located in Walnut Creek, CA. The exhibits focus on several live California native wildlife animal ambassadors, that due to injury or familiarity with humans, cannot be released back into the wild. Currently, four elements of this ongoing project, The Raptors Gallery, Behind the Scenes at the Wildlife Hospital, The Burrow, and What’s Wild/ What’s Not!  have opened and are in use at the Museum.

Project Credits: Exhibit Design by: James Freed, Bo Hick, Brent White, Interpretive development by: Katherine Whitney, Jessica Brainard. Graphic design by Lisa Park.  Fabrication by Group Delphi, Marc Nicely (Burrow exhibit), and murals by Ali Pearson of Alumni Exhibits.

Click here to watch a video of the Lindsay exhibits.

Click on each photo to see a larger version.


The Raptor Gallery These exhibits showcase the unique qualities and adaptations of these amazing birds.


On the Wing This interactive exhibit allows visitors to fly virtually over Mt. Diablo. Sensors in the wings of the hawk shaped bench allows control of the flight simulation experience.



Behind the Scenes in the Animal Hospital  This exhibit allows visitors to watch actual medical procedures performed by the veterinary staff. The treatment room is separated from the observation gallery by one way glass, so the animal patients never see the humans watching. A high definition video camera can capture up close images during procedures in real time, while visitors watch on the big screen shown above.



Actual medical supplies are shown in pull out drawers. The supplies are protected under acrylic.


Actual x-ray images of previous patients showing a variety of animal injuries and ailments.


These panels explain why some of the patients required care, and how much that care costs the Lindsay.


The Burrow is an interactive and immersive discovery area for kids to see what it feels like to be a burrowing animal.


Kids can put on hand puppet theater from inside the burrow through small openings.


Looking up from inside the burrow through simulated leaf litter.


Inside the Burrow, kids can view the adjacent animal enclosures through acrylic portholes.

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