For this most recent exhibit addition to the Lindsay Wildlife Experience we were tasked with telling the story of why wild animals don’t make good pets, and showing some examples of domestic animals that do. This gallery also features live animal presentations by the Lindsay staff. Here kids and their parents can touch and handle rabbits, guinea pigs, bearded dragon lizards and rats. Wild animal ambassadors on view here include an alligator lizard and an opossum. The beautiful mural of a residential backyard visually opens the relatively small gallery space. The rats are free to move from their main enclosure to a satellite enclosure on the mural wall via clear tubing that is suspended from the ceiling. Visitors can watch them going to and fro.

Project Credits: Exhibit Design and Project Management by James Freed Design, CAD drafting by Ryan Henderson, Interpretive design and label writing by Tami Stewart, Graphic Design by Paulina Paczkowska. Fabrication and installation by Group Delphi. Murals by Ali Pearson of Alumni Exhibits.

Click on each photo for a larger version.


The Lindsay is all about showing live animals to visitors and What’s Wild/What’s Not! is no exception.


A curved bench separates the gallery and provides a space for live animal presentations on the left. The rats can move about between three different enclosures via clear tubes suspended from the ceiling. They love to run through the tubes!




A bearded dragon lizard enjoys a salad for lunch.



The exhibit also houses rabbits and guinea pigs that come out for presentations and handling by visitors. Food and cleaning supplies are stored inside cabinets hidden inside the enclosures separator.



The rats travel through their tube-way to get back and forth between enclosures. In the mural behind, a cat watches the activity from inside a window.



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